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Receive "Distant Reiki Sessions"

Receive Reiki Intelligent Universal Conscious Energy for 

1 day, 14 days or 30 days

Reiki Energy Code Facilitated By Reiki Master Teacher Jolee K May

*Buy it Now for $9.95, $29.95 or $49.95 
On Sale Now For a Limited Time

Reiki Session Options

*When you purchase this session: 

Email Me: with only your Name (the recipient of the Reiki Energy 

within 24 hours I will email you back  your own personal Reiki Code. 

~ Please Note: You only need to message me the name of the recipients name.

The Reiki Energy, 

will be activated by viewing the Reiki Code, 

& will support and balance wherever the recipient needs in their life ~

*This One-Time, Unique & Specialized Reiki Code represents 

the person's name the recipient of the Reiki Energy

(conscious permission needed)  &

the Length of the Time this Reiki Session is activated for, the time of the session you purchased 

The Reiki Energy will be Activated from the moment you (the recipient) view your Reiki Code

The Reiki Code will only need to be viewed one time for the Universal Reiki Energy to be activated for you and

once activated, will expire after the length of time you purchased ~*

~ Universal Reiki Intelligent Consciousness Energy Flows & Balances 

when and wherever you need it most & Supporting You in Many Ways in Your Life such as:

Your Health


Emotional State 

Body Weight 

Peace of Mind 


Balancing Chakras 

Aligning You with Your Highest Potential 



Universal Connection 

Bringing Balance to Your Life 

and much more Specified on the Receivers Highest Potential....

~ Use it to Bring Support to Your Life ~

*** A Special Note to Buyers***

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

→  Your Unique Reiki Code (Distant Reiki Energy Session) that You will receive is 

Activated by the recipient viewing the Reiki Code only Once.   

The Reiki Energy that you receive It is not infused with any personal energies of mine or anyone else.


  This Reiki Energy Code activates Reiki Energy to Support You

for your life, energetic field body, mind, soul & right into your cellular & DNA levels.

*Buy it Now for $9.95, $29.95 or $49.95 

On Sale Now For a Limited Time

Reiki Session Options

 How the Reiki Codes were Created:

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher.
The Reiki Codes were created from a spiritual encounter
that I personally had with
Reiki GrandMaster Dr. Usui.
In that spiritual & meditative meeting he informed me of
the Reiki Codes
and how they would further assist receivers in all Reiki Sessions.
Blessings of Divine Light & Love to You!

Blessings of Divine Light & Love to You!



These Reiki Codes & Distant Reiki Sessions are not a medical device, and not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation,treatment, or prevention of disease.

3 Reiki attunements

Distant Reiki Energy

Much has been written about distant Reiki energy. In my experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many receipants who have received distant Reiki, has shown that distant Reiki are just as effective as Reiki received at a in person therapy session.
Distant Reiki is ideal for people who are unable to travel; or attend a in-person session, or who have an urgent need to become attuned to and use Reiki for personal healing for example .
I provide this service because I believe that Reiki should be available to everyone, at an affordable price. 
All distant Reiki will be conducted to the highest professional standards.


Here are some of the possible Health Benefits of Receiving Distant Reiki Energy    

Strengthens the body's bio-field preventing electromagnetic waves from cellphones and other electronics

Repairs DNA

Promotes feelings of love joy peace and happiness 
Reduces inflammation (e.g. gout, joint pain)

Enhance energy level for endurance and speed - particularly for long distance drivers 

Improves the exercise recovery rate

Reduces jet lag on long flights and shorten recovery time after landing

Reduces motion sickness

Promotes unclumping of cells 

Enhances fluid and energy circulation 

Enhances immune and endocrine systems. 

Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria 
facilitates delivery of nutrients to cells and detoxification of toxins 

Enhances cellular permeability 

Assist and strengthen your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress. 

Helps to protect DNA from damage 

Helps to retard the aging process

Helps to fight reverse existing cancer cells
Promotes mental balance, alertness and clarity 

Heals strengthens and protects mind body & soul 

Balances and enhances the biophysical energy field 

Promotes a sense of balance and centeredness 

Increases your sexual performance 

Helps you become relaxed harmonious, peaceful and calm 

Clears negative energies of cosmic or telluric origin 

Helps you releases blockages or stagnant energy

Awakens and enhances psychic and healing abilities ideal for healers, light-workers and channelers 

Expands consciousness and awareness 

Rapid revitalization of the organs

Diminishes fatigue and tiredness 

Enhances physical strength and stamina 
Improves sleep 

Has anti-stress and anti-depressant properties

Reduce stress and effect of e-smog 

Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation and pollution
Stimulates the 3rd eye chakra improving intuition and creativity 

Empowers meditation and prayer 

Increases synchronicity 

Enhances manifesting abilities assists astral projection and lucid dreaming 

*Buy it Now for $9.95, $29.95 or $49.95 

On Sale Now For a Limited Time

Reiki Session Options

Being a Spiritual Intuitive, Medium &
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Generating Your Personal Reiki Code I intuitively follow my guidance with divine Reiki consciousness.

Being a third Generation Psychic, as a young child I had always been aware that I had artistic, creative & intuitive gifts of a greater knowing that I was to share as part of my souls path. I love nature and the energy of being in and around natural environments, which allows for me to sustain a higher vibration so that I may to tap into energies that hold valuable information for the receiver. Throughout the years my understanding & the ability as to how to perceive energy and information by using my intuition as my guide has evolved greatly.

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