Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Feeling Stuck? Ready to shift Your Moment? Ask Yourself this...

"Now that I have it All... What Else is Possible?" 
You can ask this of the universe any time when you are feeling stuck or Awesome! Be sure to put some moments of really feeling into the question when you ask.
FYI: There is no need to figure out the answer..
let go and trust that the universe will reveal the answers to you, magically ~
Let me know what shows up for you ~


  1. What comes up for me is I'm no where close to having it all. What do I need to do or BE to feel like I have it all?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      When I say it "Now that I Have it all", I am being the energy of that. So, what would it take to BE the energy of having it all? I would ask myself that question, too. I might receive awareness from the universe as I continue to ask these questions & being the energy, space & consciousness of "Having it all" can be fun to play with. And I would ask this question daily too... What energy, space and consciousness can I Be to Be the energy of Having it all? You don't need answers, because eventually you will receive the awarenesses & magic that will assist & support you as you choose to ask these questions without any expectations. Thank you & Blessings