Order a Personalized Energy Drawing

Order A Divine Energy Drawing Below: Personalized Just for you!

I am a Spiritual Artist & Intuitive ~*

~ Are You Interested in Ordering a Divine Intuitive Energy High Frequency Drawing? (Order Below)

I Create Energy Images by channeling the energy of my guides with divine consciousness to create your drawing.

*Your personalized energetic image, when viewed often, will assist to transform your own energy & frequency to create a greater expansion of your own personal frequencies to attract higher potentials for your life ~ 

                   Examples of My Energy Drawings


Divine Grace ~

Order A Divine Energy Drawing
*Please note in your order what themes, words or what experiences you would like the energy drawing to be focused on. For example "More Abundance", improved health, etc.

Your drawings will be emailed to you within 2 days, as a PDF file, as well as the original drawing mailed to you through postal mail. 
Medium: Ink on Paper
Size: 8.5 x 11 Inches 

- You can color your drawings in & by experiencing and meditating with the energy that this drawing activates within you fully receive its energy, and/or simply gaze at it often within your office, home or special space.

Blessings & Thank you ~

1, 2 & 3 Drawings Option

1, 2 & 3 Drawing Option
"I had some pretty cool things happening to me and I am sure partly is thanks to your lovely and contributing energies present in my life.

Also I have the 'victory' drawing you did for me in my room and maybe that has contributed too, as i always look at it before going to sleep."
"Jolee is a true gift to this world. Her intuition and wisdom has helped me unlock areas in my life where I was stuck and has guided me where I was unable to have the awareness I required. Her ability to communicate with all energies has assisted me in many ways and through difficult situations. But, most of all, her generosity of spirit has truly opened my heart, where I had locked it because of past hurts.
Her support through her readings and energy work has been a true contribution to both myself and members of my family. For this I truly recommend her to anyone who is need of guidance or support right now. She will amaze you!
With gratitude,
Astrid, UK"


Dear Jolee, Thank You for Gracing my life with Your presence, friendship and care.

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