Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interesting Point of View - Access Consciousness Tool

Interesting Point of View - Access Consciousness Tool

By Avram Gonzales
I was recently inspired by Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas – founder and co-founder of Access Consciousness and a special teleclass that they put together called “Interesting Point of View” You can download or listen to the 37 minute class by following the link below.
Dain Heer put forth an awesome challenge on the call asking people to use the interesting point of view tool for an entire day just to see what happens. I knew the second that I heard about it that it would change my life forever.
In my video, I describe what it was like for me to use the interesting point of view Access Consciousness tool for not only one day – but three full days.
Every time something came up where I felt judgment about myself, other people, my body, the situation or even just hearing stories from other people about things going on – I was able to use the tool. Every time I told myself “Interesting Point of View, I have this point of view,” I felt things shift.
Sometimes the shifts were dramatic, other times I would feel it shift only slightly. In those instances of slightness, I would simply say again, “Interesting Point of View, I have this point of view,” and it would move again.
I found myself in a place where I was less the effect of the hills and valleys we’re so used to experiencing. I felt as though I were sailing straight through calmer seas instead of battling against the tide.
I found peace in tranquility in the silence and quieting of my mind.
So, I encourage you to listen to the audio, watch the video, and try it for yourself. I challenge you!
In the comments below, tell us how the “Interesting Point of View” has worked for you. Did you take the challenge? What was your experience?


  1. I've tried “Interesting Point of View” on everything from thoughts , emotions, feelings, sensations ... literally everything .. and i have indeed felt a shift ... you have to feel the energy and after energy and keep on doing that until you are nothing ... this shit works ... and i will sigh up for full blown course when the universe provides me ...

    what else is possible .... how can it get better than this!!

    hahahaha ....cheers ...


  2. Every time I hear an Access Bars practitioner say, "that's an interesting point of view", all I hear is "fuck you". It's said when you disagree with someone; when you dislike them or what they're saying. It truly is the polite way of saying FU.