Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What If Beauty Is You? Tour of Consciousness with Dr. Dain Heer

For those of you who have watched some of my videos in this series, you know I often talk about BEAUTY...

Please know... I mean the beauty of BEING...

Beauty for me is total presence, in all things. A flower, a bird, a straw of grass. Being, changing. And it is you being fully alive. It is you being you. That is beauty!!!!!

This video is from Palma de Mallorca. And yes, it is truly beautiful there...

I wasn't actually in Palma just for the beauty, though... I was there to facilitate a class called Being You, Changing the World...

It is based on my new book with the same name... I published it in June and you can download the first chapter as a free audio, if you like. Just go here: www.beingyoubook.com

I am reading it myself. It is my gift to you. And if you like these videos just the slightest bit, please check it out!!

What if this is the book you've been waiting for? What if this is the possibility you've been asking for? What if this is just the beginning?


PS. I was filming this video on my Iphone... Hence the little white thing in my ear.

PS2. If you would like to sign up for this series, please go here: www.drdainheer.com

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